Dear Paula,

Thank you for changing my life’s trajectory. Not once, not twice, not three times, but more times than I could possibly count. I’ll try to name a few, in case you’ve forgotten. I do this because hundreds of thousands of people don’t know the extreme impact they’ve made on someone else’s life and maybe, they’ll never get that chance. So, I thought I could take a moment to share how grateful I am for you taking the time to make such a profound impact on my life.

Unfortunately, when I was a child, everything hurt. However, I can remember you always being there for me. When I received my first back brace and walked with a limp, you bought me my first and best backpack on wheels. You didn’t care that they weren’t very fashionable, which would only add to the back brace I had to wear. Your gift was kindhearted and you were insistent that I use it because it would help me be the strongest version of myself. Despite the ‘uncool’ factor of using a backpack on wheels, I listened because you were so passionate about me doing so. I was and continue to be so grateful that you took the time to think about my future. To this day, I still use that backpack. It came with me to Israel and has moved with me everywhere since. It went to from Arizona, back to Houston, to California, and even now, it’s been beside me throughout my travels in Wimberley, 2016.

After the L5-S1 spinal fusion surgery, I couldn’t walk on my own. I needed a walker just to stand let alone walk and as if by magic, you provided one. You continued to help me during that time by installing a holding bar in my shower. When the surgery didn’t work, you found me, Brian and for that, I am deeply indebted to you. When Brian and the wellness program helping to strengthen my body from symptoms of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) wasn’t enough, you accommodated the Gastroparesis and the Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia syndrome (POTS), that I was experiencing and made me a wonderful dinner. Even if I couldn’t eat it, I felt so welcome. Everything on the table was something that I could eat. Not only this, but there were things on the table that would make my body stronger and healthier. Over the next week or so, consumed all of it. I finished the leftovers and began feeling more powerful each day. This instigated my own love and appreciation for vitamins and nutrients.

The support has never ceased. When I said I wanted to become healthier and strong enough to run a marathon, you said, ‘Let’s do a 10k on Thanksgiving’. And, we did. You’ve always been the best. When I said I was moving to Texas and I sold my car, you offered a place to stay and even provided your car to use to help me do errands. This simple act changed the trajectory of our entire move to Texas. We were able to move everything we needed to move within the timeframe we needed to move them. And, I had all of the tools required in order to get the job done. You’ve done so much for me and you continuously change the trajectory of my life by helping me achieve the things I’m meant to achieve. Thank you so much for these gifts you have given me.

With love and appreciation,

Brianna Greenspan