Hi, I’m Brianna Greenspan!

My name is Brianna. I am 28 years old and have lived with pain my entire life. From the moment I was born until I could speak, I never stopped crying. I wouldn’t let people touch me, and fabrics and clothing caused me immense challenges. I felt every bump, every tag, every breeze; I felt trapped in my own body and I didn’t have any of the proper skills or resources available to get out of the place I found myself in.

I was officially diagnosed with EDS, an official title, when I was 24. The journey to that point was defined by…. The list of 70 syndromes and conditions moved down to one, but then it went to 2, and 3, and 10… there are all these titles for all these things i feel that i may or may not agree with… the “symptoms” i experience, are just lessons that literally knocked me down for me to pay attention to them. I learned that it is all about perspective, so i changed mine.

My mentor, Brian, told me, that if i want to identify by being a sick person, he can’t help me. However, if i genuinely want an identity outside of illness, he could provide me with a roadmap and a toolbox to achieve that. Sadly, now he’s gone, so i am going to give his legacy life by providing that yto you

Life is a journey, my team is always evolving and changing, for every obstacle there is a solution, you just have to find it. Commitment is key.

And now I’m a published author! Positive affirmations made all the difference! Check out The Miracle Morning:Art of Affirmations!