What is it about our society today that most people have an unbelievable amount of negative self talk going on in their minds?

We as a society have become so used to the idea of criticism, bullying, and negativity that we are programmed to downplay our talents and live a life full of what ifs because we lack the confidence to get out of our head and try. when the rest of the world is already such a negative place, it’s such a shame that we can’t even escape this when in our own heads.
We are supposed to create a loving nurturing caring and inspiring atmosphere for ourselves to flourish in whatever way we are driven to. If limiting beliefs and negative self talk take over, the chances of us getting out of our own head and into action are slim to none.
How can we change that? It’s easy, start to change the story you tell yourself. Rather then thinking “I am worthless” when you forget something at home, simply shift your mindset to think I am a beautiful work in progress, constantly improving every day in every way. I am excited to see my immense progress at the end of the month!