Wow, what a great feeling to know that my medical journal is actually making a difference and reaching the people that need this critical knowledge the most. While in DC at the AIPAC conference  with my parents, my mother met a woman who just so happens to know a young woman who suffers from Ehlers Danlos.  She also just so happened to be following my medical journal on Facebook and learning about her condition from research I had compiled!!

What are the chances that of the billions of people on Facebook and of the less then 300 people following my medical journal that my mom would meet someone who knew someone who followed my journal.  Someone who was actually benefiting from the knowledge that I had amassed and decided to share with others. What a cool feeling!!  I’m so excited to help more people along their path towards wellness.

This just further pushed me to create a platform to show others how to navigate their journey from illness to wellness.