On February 19th 2014, Johnny Galecki kissed Rachel Littman’s hand. For the past 2 years, I have had the pleasure of witnessing the impact of an event, put on by the Front Row Foundation, completely change the trajectory of her life.

Being a part of Rachel’s dream to see a live screening of The Big Bang Theory come true was simply amazing. Melissa Rauch was the sweetest girl on set. After the show, she showed us around, she introduced us to some of the crew and then had Johnny come over to meet Rachel. When they met, he kissed her hand.It’s fascinating to see the profound impact that people have on each other; although it’s equally heartbreaking to me that even in our interconnected world, some people don’t have the opportunity to see the ripple effect of their actions. However, because I truly believe that #MomentsMatter, and as a bystander in this situation, I was able to see the ripple effect of this one kiss.

What Johnny Galecki doesn’t know is how that one moment profoundly impacted Rachel’s life. For the last two years, Rachel has been beaming about the fact that her first kiss was from her all time favorite actor, Johnny Galecki. She didn’t wash the hand that he kissed for the entire week, afterwards. I know, because she told me, everyday. Today, I got a phone call from Rachel. She asked me if I knew what today was and I said, ‘Yes, Rachel’, and over the phone I could feel her beaming smile.

“This is the two year anniversary of Johnny Galecki kissing my hand and us becoming best friends!” she yelled over the phone. Of course, I already knew this, because from the instant it happened, I had watched how it had become a defining moment in this young woman’s life. It also helped that in the last 730 days, we’ve talked about it at least 200 times.

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I know that my friendship with Rachel is important, but I knew that Johnny Galecki kissing her hand was more important. I wish that he knew that. I wish that he knew the impact he made on my friend’s life in that one moment he took to stay after the show and not walk off the set. He took the time to meet Rachel, take some photos, and even kiss her hand like a true gentleman. It’s moments, just like this, that change people’s lives. My grandmother would call him a mensch.

I want to share how grateful I am to the Front Row Foundation for making this happen, and to the cast and crew of The Big Bang Theory for being so warm and welcoming to Rachel, and especially to Johnny Galecki for being such a gentleman, with such perfect timing. Thank you all so much.

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The Front Row Foundation is notorious for creating life changing moments, and is passionate about getting people to live life in the front row. To tell you the truth, that day changed Rachel’s life, and now she does live life in the front row. That day, she got up in front of the audience and shared that she loved The Big Bang Theory because it shows that everybody can be cool, and that it was okay that she was different.

Rachel is one of the most inspiring individuals that I have ever met. As a result of The Big Bang Theory Front Row Foundation experience, Houston Community College granted her an award at her graduation ceremony, declaring her the Student of the Year. I flew into Houston to see Rachel go onstage and accept the award, something that she would never been confident enough to do before that moment happened. She even gave a speech!  Watch it here! It was beautiful for me to see. Her teacher said that when she returned from seeing The Big Bang Theory taping, she had a new confidence. She spoke in class, she was able to articulate herself better because she had a new found confidence and believed more in what she had to say. Even though Johnny Galecki likely never gave that moment a second thought, it meant the world to her.


I’m grateful to have witnessed this beautiful situation. I’m grateful to have been a part of the magic the Front Row Foundation makes happen, everyday. Moreover, I’m grateful to have been able to see the growth and transformation Rachel has had since her experience.

Truthfully, everyone has challenges and it’s the way you handle them that defines who you are. I think Front Row Foundation does an excellent job of allowing people to have another opportunity to live life with passion and to have front row experiences from whatever seat they are handed in life. Not everyone will get to sit in the front row of the taping of their favorite show, but everyone has the ability to have a front row moment.